On Site Digital X-Ray


Whether you’re a new patient, existing patient with a new issue, or a postoperative patient – Weight bearing x-rays are very important in understanding the complexities of the foot and ankle.

SHINE Foot and Ankle Center uses the latest in High frequency digital x-rays.

We use the 20/20 Imaging HF PXS-710 system combined with Opal-RAD software. This platform allows us to take x-rays with a patient standing and placing pressure onto the foot and ankle. The system’s advanced software provides digital State of the art imaging technology for sharper, crisper images, and improved clarity of x-rays. There are also advanced tools to take measurements and make comparisons between x-rays.


This allows our patients the convenience to get high quality x-rays on site, without having to go to an outside imaging facility. As an added bonus, there is also much less radiation than standard x-ray systems.

Dr. John can review your images with you and answer questions related to your images in the exam room using an iPad.

If you would like for us to help you with a Foot or Ankle condition, feel free to give us a call at 512.399.5711 to schedule an appointment.